After completing the extensive GreenTag certification process, Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool glasswool range of glasswool insulation has received GreenTag’s GreenRate Level A.  This puts Earthwool glasswool in an unrivalled position as the first and only glasswool insulation in Australia and New Zealand to have GreenRate Level A.

GreenTag is a unique, independent third party, green building and other sustainable product rating and certification program and is considered the world’s best for green product certification. GreenTag’s GreenRate is recognised by both the Green Building Councils of Australia (GBCA) and New Zealand (NZGBC).

Knauf Insulation has set the benchmark trend in Australia and New Zealand for environmentally friendly insulation with its “super-soft” range of Earthwool glasswool insulation. Naturally brown in colour and made using recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, the Earthwool glasswool wall, ceiling, underfloor and acoustic partition products have lower embodied energy compared to other traditional glasswool insulation and contains no added phenol or formaldehyde.

Additionally, Earthwool glasswool uses revolutionary compression packaging providing more product in each pack, thereby reducing packaging and also the number of deliveries required to significantly cut costs and the amount of carbon emissions associated with transport.

Claire Cunliffe, Marketing Manager for Knauf Insulation Australia and New Zealand, comments:

“Glasswool has always been one of the most environmentally friendly insulation products in the market, but the GreenTag Level A rating for Earthwool glasswool now extends this advantage and gives new benefits to designers and builders wanting to achieve enhanced sustainability in buildings. The Level A rating is testament to Knauf Insulation’s high manufacturing standards and commitment to sustainable building design.”

The GreenTag certification adds further credibility to Knauf Insulation’s sustainability credentials as the company released its fourth Sustainability Report in November this year. The report includes a campaign led by Knauf Insulation to insulate every viable building, for free, in Australia’s most isolated town, Birdsville.

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Earthwool glasswool insulation: Community projects Australia & NZ

Birdsville:  Insulating Australia’s most isolated and hottest town

Earthwool glasswool – supersoft insulation, having Warmed Up Ophir in Central Otago in 2011 has been used in BIRDSVILLE, Central Queensland as part of another community project sponsored by Knauf Insulation.  With a population of 80, Birdsville boasts one of the HIGHEST recorded temperatures in Australia at 49.5°C.  Compare that with Ophir’s record LOW temperature of  -21.6°C, that’s a staggering 71°C difference!Earthwool glasswool, a new generation of super soft glasswool has high thermal performance to provide comfort in the extreme temperatures of our world.


Insulating Australia’sHOTTEST town – BIRDSVILLE – making it the ‘coolest’ town in Queensland, see what Knauf Insulation provided;


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Earthwool glasswool wall insulation – DIY installation

Installing wall insulation?

Glasswool insulation provides a great thermal and acoustic improvement to your home.  For DIY insulation, using Earthwool glasswool is a cost effective option.  Remember you can by Earthwool glasswool insulation online, delivered nationwide at incredibly cost effective pricing right now.

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Earthwool® glasswool – customer feedback is positive!

The growth and success of Earthwool® glasswool insulation from Knauf Insulation continues.  New home owners, builders, diy’ers and professional installers are choosing Branz Appraised Earthwool® glasswool in rapidly increasing numbers everyday.

A recent comment we received;


You were very good to deal with last week, and I owe you thanks for the extra effort and help you gave me when ordering.

Our order arrived on site in Levin about 24 hours after we ordered over the phone with you, 2 days ahead of our deadline..

The Mainfreight guy was fantastic and put the insulation under cover in the garage for my Dad, who is 84 and would not have managed alone, even though he said he would have.

The insulation was exactly what we ordered, was all in perfect shape, and installation was exactly as we expected.  Your video on the net was very helpful…. and the product is a million times better to deal with than the old scratchy stuff…..

So thanks for everything, and when I visit the parents in mid-winter, I will let you know what change its made, but the house already feels different to be honest.

Thanks and regards,

Rob H, 3 April 2013

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Improve the energy efficiency of your house – DIY

Installing Earthwool glasswool insulation in your home is a great idea, but there are some other simple things you should consider to maximise the energy efficiency of your place.

Older wooden houses move over time creating air gaps, drafts and “leaks”.


The blue colour indicates cold area

More than any other time of year, you notice your home’s drafts in the winter and on windy days.  It is easy to feel these drafts around windows and doors – these leaks are a major source of wasted energy. Other significant air leaks are hidden under your feet. These are the leaks that significantly raise your energy bill and make your house uncomfortable.

Our houses were designed to breath.  We are used to opening our windows to get fresh air in, but we don’t need this to happen everyday!  Those wonderful polished wooden floors look great, but have a closer look at the floorboard joins, the wood has opened up and created gaps over time and in many instances the ‘finger jointing’ of your floor boards have broken/split. In cold weather, warm air rises in your house, just like it does in a chimney. This air, which you have paid to heat, is just wasted as it sucks cold air in all around your home — around windows, doors, and through your floor.

Common Household Air Leaks and some simple solutions

  • Windows and doors, especially wooden frame windows – fix by installing foam tapes around the window jam, add thermal curtains  A more expensive but longer term option is to replace your windows and double glaze.
  • Man hole to your roof – fix by installing Earthwool glasswool insulation on the top side of your cover
  • Power points – check to see the covers are fitted properly, ask your electrician to replace older fittings that do not seal to the wall.
  • Recessed Lights – replace with recessed lights that can be covered by Earthwool glasswool, or to have Earthwool glasswool insulated right up to the light.  Or consider removing the recessed lights altogether.
  • Floors – insulating under your floor with Earthwool glasswool is the best start.  Carpeting or using floor rugs also assists, and finally lining the underside of your joists with a hardboard will provide the best option.

Take the time to find those drafts and fix them before winter.

Earthwool® glasswool Insulation and Downlights (recessed lighting)

Downlights (recessed lights) are a great design feature.

BUT….. Not only do they create gaps in your ceiling insulation they could also create a hazard in your house. There has been a heap of research showing that some types of downlights can generate significant heat and if in close proximity to flammable material and can be an ignition point for fire.

In 2011 the recessed light (luminaire) standard AS/NZS 60598.2 was updated requiring the light fitting manufacturers to now specify how close – and what type of – insulation can be fitted adjacent to the recessed light.

Earthwool® glasswool (fibreglass) insulation has been tested by UL and is compliant to the requirements for this new downlight standard. Earthwool glasswool is certified non-flammable and can be safely abutted to CA and CA135 devices and can be safely installed covering IC80 and IC-F rated downlights.  If in doubt do not cover downlights with Earthwool glasswool – always refer to the light fitting manufacturer’s instructions or your electrician.

There are many types of downlights available in New Zealand.  We recommend using only rated downlights that allow the insulation to abut or in some instances cover the light fitting. Non rated downlights require insulation to have a minimum 100mm clearance – that is a huge gap of insulation around each light which reduces the energy efficiency of your home.

Earthwool glasswool Downlight Fire Test document.

Some Customer Compliments – from purchasers of Earthwool glasswool through BuildForNextGen

From Jo in Christchurch

Hi Nick,

I would like to thank you on very quick delivery of the Earthwool {glasswool}.  Couldn’t believe it was down a day and a half after I talked to you!

My husband and I installed it ourselves ….. the house is definitely warmer and now we can’t believe that we didn’t do this years ago – but then we may not have been able to use your product!!!

Very happy with your service, price and quality product.  We will definitely pass on the good news about your company.

From Evonne in Raglan

Hi Nick
Thankyou for your quick response, it is greatly appreciated.
Your service has been excellent.
Kind Regards

From Tracey in Greenhithe, Auckland

To whom it may concern.
I am in the process of renovating a bungalow and have spent a great deal of time researching the best and most economical products for each job.
I am currently working on insulation – specifically under floor insulation products.
I initially saw the Knauf Insulation advertised in the newspaper.
I went to the web page, which I found very informative but still had a few questions.
These were easily answered by phoning the 0800 number.
I placed an order through the web site and within a couple of days had a phone call from a delivery driver to ask where I wanted the insulation left.
The insulation was easily installed by myself with the help of 3 children passing the sheets under to the house to me.
The whole process was extremely easy and hassle free.
I would recommend this company and their products to anyone and in fact have been doing just that when people ask how my renovations are going.

Many thanks